Outdoor Adventure

The beauty of Tofino's wilderness is the
perfect place to revitalize yourself.

There is no better way to do this than by getting outside in the beautiful, rugged wilderness that surrounds Tofino. Endless hiking, forest bathing, beach bicycling, beach yoga, paddling and wave play provide our guests with opportunities to get outside and re connect with nature. Unplugging yourself from the stresses of everyday life and getting re-imersed in nature is a rewarding experience that we share with our guests.

We have beaches (imagine one being 17 kilometers long), bays, inlets, hills and trails to explore while you discover the beauty of the west coast of Vancouver Island. The motto of our retreat is to lift your spirit while you move; the fun, the awe and the camaraderie will help you reach goals and take you to new heights. The support and encouragement not just from our staff but also from each other are the benefits of a team effort. We have flexibility in our options to take advantage of whatever nature has on offer and you feel comfortable doing. Integrating with existing outfitters and studios, you may be team paddling an authentic dugout canoe with our First Nations neighbors, or catching a wave with the surf school.

Let’s have fun!


Community is part of
our mission statement. 

We believe in the importance of connecting with our guests, with the people in Tofino and our First Nations neighbors. Broadening our cultural and social experiences is the foundation to a path of belonging and wellness. Feel the power of laughter, bonding and understanding.


Make Nature Your Gym!

You’ll reconnect with nature and get active with the following activities:







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If you’re looking to join us and have questions about our therapeutic adventure, feel free to get in touch today!