Wellness Retreat

Welcome to the ocean side Homestead Tofino.

We are an all inclusive fitness and wellness retreat located in spectacular Tofino British Columbia. We welcome guests to our personalized service that uses the most current evidence, based in science.

Who We Are

Peter Stubbins (Physiotherapist)
Cheryl Duffy (Registered Nurse)
The Homestead Tofino is a dynamic team of outdoor enthusiasts who believe that living well, eating well, and practicing mindfulness can provide positive long term health benefits. Proprietors Peter Stubbins and Cheryl Duffy are experienced health care providers.

Peter is a registered physiotherapist, studied osteopathy, teaches yoga and meditation and likes to base clinical decisions on solid research. He has a personal connection to First Nations culture and believes in ecological protection and restoration.

Cheryl Duffy is a registered nurse and former dental hygienist. She has over thirty years of combined health care services. She has given talks on the metabolic syndrome and volunteered with her local diabetic clinic to educate those newly diagnosed.

Keep Reading

The team consists of: a nutritionist/chef, fitness instructors and an outdoor adventure guide. We utilize outfitters and guest speakers in the area to provide you with a complete experience. From First Nations guides and elders, to naturalists and yoga instructors. Dr. M Love provides guidance on physician wellness through meditation and discovering your “blue mind” which combines neuroscience and psychology with nature. Other guest speakers will vary from week to week.

When experienced health care professionals team up with outdoor recreationalists and chefs, along with First Nations people, there is a synergy for a world-class experience. Your mind, body and spirit will be lifted.

Exclusive 8-Bed Facility

Feel the warmth and caring from the moment you arrive to long after you have departed.

Outdoor Activities

Make the most of the beautiful outdoors with hiking, dug-out canoeing, wave play and many more activities.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Breath in the ocean’s energy, breath out yesterdays tension. Guiding you to greater flexibility and strength.

Therapeutic Massage

Recover and relax with our therapeutic massage sessions. A one hour massages will be provided with the option for more.

Breathtaking Nature

 Feel small again, in a landscape dominated by tall trees, big mountains, endless ocean and abundant wildlife.

Culinary Tutorials

Change the way you eat and improve the way you feel. Be inspired to create simple and tasty dishes.


Authentic self care is what we stand for.

We want to lead you to a happier less stressed life. Dedication to health is a lifelong endeavor and practicing mindfulness will improve your emotional and social health. Untreated stress can lead to many different illnesses; learn with us how stress affects your body and how to save yourself from this tension.

Bring more serenity to your life to reduce anxiety, have a deeper sleep, feel happier and have a healthier heart. Learn how to tap into the power of your mind to complement all the healthy habits you will be adopting.

Give yourself the retreat experience that teaches the art of healthy living. Learn and practice while you are with us, thrive when you leave. 

Who We Serve

We want your stay with us to exceed your expectations, and we also want you to choose a retreat that suits your needs.

We are a co-ed facility that serves adults from 21 years and older who have a basic fitness and skill level. For those who feel like their busy modern life has left their physical, mental, and social wellbeing behind, this retreat is for you. We invite those interested in exploring and reconnecting with nature to come and enjoy our cosy and friendly homestead. Be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone in the great outdoors on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Should I Attend?

Unsure if you’re prepared to undertake our wellness retreat? If you can do the following, you’ll fit right in:

Walk a mile in <25 minutes
or a kilometer in <15 minutes

Hike on uneven terrain

Comfortable on Water

We are not a medical facility, and do not provide private active physiotherapy services, medical diagnosis or mental health services. If you have significant musculo skeletal injuries this may not be appropriate for you. You should not attend if you have significant: neural degenerative muscular disorders, cardiovascular disease, addiction, psychiatric disorders, communicable or other disease processes. If you need reassurance about your ability to attend our program consult your physician. If someone requires medical attention there is a hospital and emergency room very close to the facility, you will need to have health insurance to see a doctor. In the unlikely event you become injured during your stay, you may be required to withdraw from some activities.

we're eco-friendly!

To show our grattitude for everything mother earth provides we do our best to use resources responsibly and we encourage our guests to do the same. We compost our food scraps on site so please do not throw food in the garbage. We recycle all that is recyclable. We reduce by using reusable bags and buying in bulk to avoid plastic containers.


Ecology at the homestead

As you are, we are also concerned about the effect of carbon dioxide emissions on the health of our planet. It is important to us that Canada meets its carbon emissions reduction goals. We have ownership of 100 acres of Saint Lawrence hardwood forest that we have calculated will offset 46 round trip flights from Toronto to Tofino. It is a tangible commitment to make our facility a responsible contributor to the human and wild family. As the Homestead Tofino grows so will our efforts to rehabilitate and secure a stable natural future. 


All information provided is for informational purposes only. The exercises and activities presented may not be appropriate depending on your age and physical condition, we recommend that you consult your physician prior to engaging in our retreat. We assume no liability for persons who undertake physical activity.  It is recommended that you complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) provided by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) to begin your assessment for participation.