Physician Retreat

At the Homestead Tofino we provide one-week retreats with deep relaxation, wellness guidance and wilderness fitness to reconnect you to the vibrancy that inspire happiness in your medical career. Our physician focused renewal retreat offers a personalized and distinct experience to refine your lifestyle and career goals.

Dr. Maia Love leads the Physician Retreat Week program based on principles to prevent burnout, recover from burnout, reduce stress, and increase vitality and wellness. Based in neuroscience, mindfulness, expert physician guidance from Dr. Michael F. Myers and Dr. Tony Sehon, and the science of renewal and high performance, the sessions during the week address physician excellence in self-care while educating you as to beneficial physiological and mental effects of the practice components. One to one sessions are offered to develop a personalized mindfulness plan for you, with the possibility of follow up after the retreat is finished. The goal is your vibrancy. Techniques specifically anchor you into your own unique motivation for wellness, and problem-solve how to balance your self-care, the beauty in your relationships, and your love of medicine and your practice. 

Our program offers a unique and enriching experience for doctors and their spouses, to empower physical and mind wellness. 

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Dr. Maia LoveMD, FRCPC, BSc, BGs, ISAM, IHEM, YTT200

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