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3 Reasons to try Forest Bathing

Quickly gaining in popularity, forest bathing has been proven to have many health benefits. The forest can refresh, restore, rejuvenate and remind you how important it is to unplug, and tune in.

What is forest bathing?

Also known as Shinrin-yoku, or forest therapy, “Forest Bathing” is an evidence based nature therapy technique, and research is continuing to show that being outside is beneficial for our well-being.  

It’s simply taking the time to be outside, amongst the trees, becoming present in nature. Walking slowly, breathing deeply, our senses engaged and awakened to the nature surrounding us. This is what forest bathing really is. Stephanie, our forest bathing guide, describes it as:

“Engaging the senses and reaching out to connect with the life that surrounds us.  Barefoot, hands in the soil or lightly resting on a tree, allowing the breathe to slow and match the pulse and hum that is the forest, the rocks, the air, the vibration of place.”

3 Reasons to try Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing The Homestead Tofino

  1. Fresh Air - loaded with healthy essential oils

Turns out that all that fresh air really is good for you! If you love the smell of cedar, like we do, then you’ll be happy to know cedar has beneficial essential oils that forest-trekkers breath in. These oils are called phytoncides. Phytoncides have been proven to have positive effects on our immune system and reduce stress. No wonder we all leave the forest feeling so good!

  1. Mindful Movement

Take it slow, and take it all in. One breath and one step at a time. Listen to the birds, the wind in the branches, your footsteps on the forest floor and take in the forest around you. Bring mindfulness to every movement, to every sound. Tune in.

  1. Immune System Boost

Getting outside and into the forest is a great way to stay healthy, and fit. Research shows that forest therapy can boost your NK cells and immune system, up to one month after leaving the woods.

With all of these evidence based benefits,

forest bathing is an essential part of our retreats.

We offer a truly unique, exclusive forest bathing experience in a UNESCO biosphere of ancient, old growth forests. You’ll walk amongst the giants, some 2000 years old. Immersing yourself in these pristine forests everyday, making it back in time for a warm, healthy lunch.  

With limited spaces in our wellness retreats, book your experience with us today!

You can read more about forest therapy in the forest bathing book by Dr. Qing Li

Effects of Phytoncides 
Immune system effects

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