Fall In Love With A Healthier New You

Evidence Based Fitness & Wellness Retreat Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

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Find out how we have committed to seeing you through achieving a healthier new you • Revitalize or advance your fitness & wellness • put serenity back into your life • experience evidence-based practices that will motivate you to overcome your challenges and achieve your aspiration. Learn More

  • For a couple in their sixties we had the active vacation of our dreams. Rochelle Z.
  • Surrounded by unmatched rugged physical beauty, supported in countless adventures by a talented, creative team, and nourished each day by an amazing chef. Evelyn W.
  • It’s wild and it’s rugged and it has a sense of adventure just being here. Pat H.
  • If you’re going to do something different this is the place to come. Peggy S.

Wellness Retreat

Start your health and wellness transition in one of Canada’s most spectacular landscapes. Tofino British Columbia.

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Our approach to lasting wellness and weight loss

Our wellness team is dedicated to seeing you through with our body, mind and spirit approach to reaching those achievable life style changes. Our retreat runs weekly, Sunday-to-Sunday from April to October with continued follow through for up to one year.

Outdoor Adventure

The beauty of Tofino's wilderness
is the perfect place to revitalize

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Fitness Instruction

Work with our fitness instructors to
get into shape and bring back
your energy.

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Food & Nutrition

Our chef will help you integrate healthy, simple cooking into
your life.

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What We Offer

We offer an all inclusive retreat for those who wish to make improvements in their health and wellbeing. During your week you will experience one on one fitness coaching, group activities, yoga and meditation classes with a special emphasis on mindfulness. Hiking is the foundation of our outdoor activities with our hikes geared to your fitness level and goals. What sets us apart are the water activities we offer throughout the week to tap into your “blue mind”. You will participate in a unique culinary experience with our chef who shares cooking techniques and an enthusiasm for all things food. Our retreat not only inspires while you are with us, but encourages you to make positive long term lifestyle choices. You will leave motivated and confident to join in with an active community.

Welcome to The Homestead

The Homestead is in the heart of Tofino, yet our location affords a peaceful serenity with an ocean front view. Located on a rock point, you sit high above the water with a front row view of amazing wildlife and soothing sunsets. Magnificent marine mammals and majestic birds are not an uncommon sight. Whales, dolphins and sea lions pass us by as they enter Clayoquot Sound’s rich biosphere. Eagles soar high above as they survey the untouched beauty of Pacific Rim National Park.

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Our Mission

Fitness and wellness comes from community, laughter, exercise, good food, sharing painful moments and joy, walking,
talking, helping one another through difficult times, sharing the joy of accomplishments, breaking bread, immersing
yourself in nature and learning about possibilities you did not know existed.