Food & Nutrition

eating is a joy of life!

Our chef will only use quality, healthy, whole foods for your nutrition, weight loss or weight stabilization goals. We serve delightful, organic, ethically and locally sourced when available. Our motto is sensible eating, no fads, and the use of evidence will guide our meal planning. We invite you to be engaged and bring your foodie questions for dinner time cooking lessons. There will be snacks provided to keep you energized on the trail. During our guided activities some lunches will be eaten outside under giant cedars.

We will consider your specific nutritional needs. Please inform us prior to sign up what those may be.

If you are a seafood lover, fresh oysters, fish and crab are all available. Imagine stopping by a local fish store on the way to a hike and picking up a freshly smoked filet of salmon for your snack, and you get to choose between a dozen different smoked flavours. 

Promoting wellness
and togetherness.

With evidence in hand our chef can give the novice cook some basic skills while the advanced foodie can expand their culinary repertoire. So gather in the kitchen and let's cook, you will receive five cooking lessons. We’ve got you covered so we ask that you do not bring in other food.

you will have a private chef to demonstrate, teach and explore all that is food.

At The Homestead Tofino, BC, we'll discuss themes related to:

  • The Role of Nutrition in Relation to Wellness
  • Whole & Organic Foods
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Shopping for food
  • Navigating consumer information to make good food choices

Our chef will share their enthusiasm for healthy eating that has exciting flavour without cumbersome preparation. Cooking classes will run from Monday to Friday where you can watch, learn and then enjoy a meal. Our goal it to see you make a personal commitment to a smarter way of eating that will benefit you and your family.


Participate in cooking classes with our experienced chef!

Cooking Classes Run 
Monday - Friday

Prepare Healthy Dishes with 
Exciting Flavours

Watch, Learn & Enjoy
Your Meals

Have any questions?

If you’re looking to join us and have questions about food and nutrition with us, feel free to get in touch today!