Fitness Instruction

Reclaim Your Energy & Get Into Shape!

The bedrock of our fitness activities is exploring the great hikes in and around Tofino. We will mix it up and challenge muscles in fun and engaging ways so that you won’t even know you are working out and becoming fit. We demonstrate a true passion for fitness, advocating healthy active living and utilizing the outdoors with simple, exciting and fun activities. 


Bryce Stetchman

Fitness and Nature Enthusiast


Bryce has been helping others to reach their fitness goals for over 25 years. He has worked with individuals and groups as a coach, mentor and gym owner with a focus on improving strength and mobility. His practice has taken him on a journey through the many facets of HIIT, weightlifting, bodybuilding, gymnastics, strongman, and calisthenics to name a few. Bryce’s education is widely varied and thorough, with credentials including:

Certified BCRPA Fitness Leader

Certified CrossFit Trainer

Certified CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer

Certified Mindfulness Practitioner


Bryce’s holistic approach to fitness includes a focused development of overall wellbeing. He believes the mind and the body are not to be separated, that the body can, indeed, be thought of as a physical manifestation of the mind itself. Bryce demonstrates the importance of effective functional movement as an essential component of health and wellness. When it comes to resistance training, his unique perspective and creative methodology challenges even the most seasoned athletes and is completely scalable all the way down to the most inactive individuals. The way Bryce looks at our natural surroundings adds a whole new dimension to the world of exercise and fitness. He can teach you to view everyday objects as implements to be used for the betterment of your Self.


“I find such joy in sharing this knowledge with others. From helping someone to simply move better, to accomplishing things they never dreamed possible, the rewards are many. I believe everything starts with the development of a stronger and more capable body and we, as humans, have been doing just that long before gym memberships were the norm. I bring attention to posture, breathing, bracing, efficient movement and muscle activation in an effort to help you to play an active role in taking control of your mind and body, alike. My practice is based completely outdoors. The innumerable benefits to training outside will become apparent even within your very first session with me, as we explore the many sensations associated with direct contact with the earth and breathe in the oxygen-rich air of Tofino’s old-growth rain forests. I am excited to show you the world as I see it, as a generous and therapeutic playground of endless possibilities!”

Our Instructors Will Share
Their Passion & Creativity.

You will learn new healthy lifestyle options for yourself and your family. Our fitness instructors will exceed your expectations with their ability to tailor exercise in both athletic and non-athletic realms. You will receive personalized counseling to develop a plan for healthy lifestyle goals.

Activities available to your exercise plan include:





Paddling in a 
Dugout Canoe


Surfing or

Paddle Boarding

Curious to know what's in a day at The Homestead Tofino?

  • 6:30 — Wake up and morning smoothie
  • 7:00 — Yoga
  • 8:00 — Breakfast
  • 9:00 — Hike
  • 11:45 — Stretch
  • 12:00 — Lunch
  • 12:45 — Stand up paddle boarding
  • 3:00 — Yoga/Meditation or Massage
  • 4:30 — Cooking Lessons/ Nutrition
  • 5:30 — Dinner
  • 6:30 — Presentation
  • 7:30 — Movie, social game, Hot tub
  • 10:00 — Lights out

Have any questions?

If you’re looking to join us and have questions about our fitness instruction, feel free to get in touch today!